I got it!



Today the Nintendo Mini Classic NES finally arrived. In stores, that is. Having pre-ordered it back in July (see previous post), it was odd waking this morning with uncertainty as to whether I would be able to get my hands on one at all. Shortly after 9am I was behind the wheel of my car, heading to the closest shop, a Game. I should have known, given my pre-order ordeal, that this would prove a fruitless endeavor. Alas, around twenty minutes later I found myself standing before an uninterested shop assistant telling me they were only serving store pre-orders and that “any issue you had pre-ordering online is with the game website, not us”, despite the website being the store’s own.

More determined than ever to get my hands on the device, I began phoning other local stores, which went a little like this:

“Good morning, I was wondering if you have any of the new mini Nintendos in stock?”

“Did you pre-order?”


My hopes beginning to fade, I gave one final shop a call, and the answer to my query?

“Uh, yeah we do.”

It’s funny how had I not bothered to pre-order the console I probably wouldn’t have sweated not being able to pick one up, and yet there’s something about having to wait for something that makes it so much more desirable. And after four months waiting for something, I am getting it one way or another! Sure enough, 35 minutes later I was pulling into the Princess Square car park, ready to pick up that tiny, unassuming box from Virtual Games, an excellent independent store. Victory at last!

Since getting it home the little box (and when I say little, I mean miniscule) has punched well above its negligible weight, an absolutely worthwhile purchase for the nostalgia alone, though I am sure the games included will continue to entertain for many hours to come; I haven’t given all of them a spin yet, and likely won’t until I tire of the Super Mario Bros…


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